Meet the band!

 Garry - Surrey - Apache Rain Band


Lead Vocals & Harmonica

Garry delivers stunning lead vocals in a wide range of styles. Singing is his first love, and his versions of classic Elvis songs have to be heard to be believed.

  Berni - Surrey - Apache Rain


Guitar & Backing Vocals

A consummate musician in many genres, Berni plays a mean lead solo as well as anchoring the band with great rhythm guitar riffs.  Listen out for his distinctive vocals!

  Gill - Surrey - Apache Rain Band


Keyboards & Backing Vocals

Gill’s musical background spans a wide range of music from Mozart to Meat Loaf – originally classically trained, she has always added to her classical repertoire with Top Twenty hits across the decades. Gill provides the mellow piano parts and rich organ voices in our arrangements, occasionally switching to acoustic guitar to vary the band’s sound to suit the song. She also adds the top notes in our full vocal harmonies.
Gill plays a Roland RD300SX Stage Piano and Nord Electro 3 keyboard through a Behringer keyboard amp.
  Chris - Surrey - Apache Rain Band


Bass & Backing Vocals

Providing one half of the rhythm section of the band, Chris holds us all together and complements the other instruments with his fluid and driving bass lines.
Chris plays Musicman and Washburn basses through a Hartke rig.
  Ian - Surrey - Apache Rain Band



The other half of the rhythm section, Ian has a tremendous range of experience over many years, embracing rock and country cover bands on the club circuit, the excitement of the Big Band sound, theatrical productions, and professional  teaching. Now playing with Apache Rain, Ian brings solid contemporary rhythmic style to every song, whether classic Motown or modern rock.

Ian plays a Tama Starclassic kit with Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks and Aquarian drumheads. Cymbals, stick and drumheads are endorsed through Drumsense.

All our vocals use the industry leader Shure SM58 mics and are played through our professionally built Spirit mixer and amp rack. Our foldback monitors are Calsbro PM12s and EM12s.

Ballads to get you smooching ! Call now on 07771 64 88 42

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